the scent of the Southern California lifestyle

High-End fragrance line that pays homage to the Southern California coast and lifestyle.

A temperate, flowery fragrance with a warm depth. Zoey intrigues you with the bright yet soft floral smell and lingers with the sensuality of the California coast.

The San Diego Sun

The fragrance draws you in with the almost contradictory warmth of clove bud and the freshness of tuberose.

Clove Bud, Tuberose

The Heat of Los Angeles

The mellow sweetness of soft magnolia is offset with the slightly spicy scent of white lily.

Soft Magnolia, White Lily

The Lingering Scent of Malibu Waves

The milky, warm smell of sandalwood and the sweet earth smell of powdery musk lightly anchor the floral scent.

Smooth Sandalwood, Powdery Musk

Zoey invites you to step off the Silver Screen and experience the Southern California lifestyle for yourself. Based in Southern California and inspired by the nature of the Golden State, the fragrance takes you to the yearlong sunshine and gently rocking ocean breezes.

Experience Zoey for yourself and experience a lasting memory that will leave its mark on your senses that you will not soon forget.

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